Why Choose Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drone technology, is dramatically changing the way we live and work.  UAVs are creating new jobs and industries, saving lives, and providing scientific, economic, and social benefits that our society is just beginning to explore. These flying robots, may be remotely controlled or  fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems working in conjunction with onboard sensors and Global Positioning Systems (GPS).


In the past UAVs have most often been used in the military, but now Drones are also used in a wide range of civilian activities such as search and rescue missions, traffic and weather monitoring, photography and videography, and even home deliveries.

In the business world drones have proven to be especially useful. Manufacturers and big box retailers can more efficiently manage their warehouses. Real estate companies are creating more compelling aerial footage to advertise their properties while utility companies are using drones to more safely inspect cellphone tower and utility lines. The potential benefits of drones are endless.

Why Choose Drone WorkForce Solutions

We have over 25 years of aviation, business and legal experience to help you capitalize on this rapidly-developing technology. Through our network of drone pilots we can create 3D maps, collect data, inspect structures, capture videos and much more. Our drone experts will turn the aerial footage we capture into efficient solutions for everyday challenges. We can even train your employees on how to use the technology themselves to improve your business. At Drone Workforce Solutions, we aim to revolutionize the way entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations perform their operations so that they can achieve a higher level of success.

The Types of Industries We Serve

  • Real Estate

  • Agriculture

  • Insurance

  • Utility Companies

  • Construction

  • Entertainment & Events

Real Estate

We capture affordable, high-quality aerial images and videos that help agents sell properties faster.


We can use drones to produce detailed 3-D maps of thousands of acres of land. Our videos can help farmers find kinks in irrigation systems and evaluate the health and growth of their crops.


Our drone operators take videos of construction sites or buildings that need to be evaluated for insurance claims.

Utility Companies

Our pilots use drones to capture data quickly. Need to know where your infrastructure is broken? We can tell you in minutes.


We can cut costs and increase efficiency for construction companies and architects by creating 3D renderings, topographical maps and taking volumetric measurements.

Entertainment & Events

Our drone pilots take jaw-dropping videos of football, soccer, track, lacrosse, baseball, softball and other games.

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