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Posted on 25th Feb 2018 0 Comments
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drone technology, is dramatically changing the way we live and work. UAVs are creating new jobs and industries, saving lives, and providing scientific, economic, and social benefits that our society is just beginning to..
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Posted on 11th Jan 2018 0 Comments
It used to be that when someone called their insurance company with a minor claim about home damage or a fender-bender car accident, it would take days or even weeks to get a reimbursement check. Along the way, the insurance..
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Posted on 2nd Jan 2018 0 Comments
One of the great innovations of drones is that they can provide a wealth of data that can be useful to anyone from farmers and movie makers to construction companies and insurance adjusters. Yet, even after you have flown a..
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Posted on 20th Dec 2017 0 Comments
Drone technology has taken the real estate industry by storm. Experts predict real estate executives will account for 22 percent of total commercial drone use by 2020, making it one of the largest industries to capitalize on drone technology, according..
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Posted on 3rd Dec 2017 0 Comments
There are two types of drone pilots: Commercial drone pilots who can legally profit from flying sUAS (drones) and the hobbyists who fly for fun. In order to become a certified commercial drone pilot you must: Be..