It is wasteful and expensive to feed the world’s population. DWS operators can use airborne cameras to take multispectral images, capturing data from infrared and visual spectrum, combined to create a view of the crop that highlights differences between healthy and distressed plants in ways that can-not be seen with the naked eye for better crop management.

The DWS agriculture inspections use high-resolution digital cameras, ultraviolet and infrared sensors to:

  • Detect and document our customers’ concerns by creating the DWS “Time Series Animation” that can show changes in the crop every day, every week, or even every hour.
  • Provide precision seed, chemicals and fertilizer applications to boost yield and reduce costs, check the health of crops and avoiding crop losses through early identification and what DWS calls, its “Precision Intervention” plan.
  • Herd cattle because humans can-not see them at night.
  • Provide mapping to capture accurate aerial imagery and transform them into 2-D maps or 3-D models of specific sites.
  • Reveal patterns that expose everything from irrigation problems to soil variation and pest and fungal


DWS provides the agricultural community of farmers and forestry professionals through a cloud-based system, to monitor and manage their crops throughout the entire growing season. By creating visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced field maps, our company will analyze and provide a full range of stats:

Stand Count

Determines the number of plants in a specific area and compares it to the expected results (per acre or hectare). Stand counts are particularly suitable for seasonal crops

Plant Population

Provides information about the number of plants and is ideal for perennial plantations and orchards

Plant Stress Analysis

Find out how healthy your crop is at key times during the growing season to intervene in a timely manner

Weed Analysis

Identify weeds in time to optimize pesticide usage and prevent crop damage

Pest Analysis

Pinpoint infested areas and apply pesticide only where and if needed

Plant Disease Analysis

Analyze crops at all growth stages to obtain valuable insights into a plant’s current condition

Water Stress Analysis

Spot areas with potential water stress and standing water to adjust your irrigation system before it affects your crop’s health

Flowering Estimator

Assess flowering levels to determine the exact growth stage of your plants to adjust pesticide usage, choose a proper harvesting date and other important crop management decisions

Eagle Eye

Create a visual overview of your field and mark points of interest, calculate the distance between different points, determine the size of different areas and many more plant counting, plant health tools and stress detectors that enable precise yield estimates and increases of overall profit.

This allows for immediate decisions that contribute to increasing productivity and a more efficient utilization of resources, with a significant reduction of production costs and risks.

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